Syed Tahmim Islam

Chief Executive Officer

He’s the CEO of Axilweb but is credited as an all-rounder. He has been involved in IT for the last 11 years.

Syed Tahmim Islam


Syed Tahmim Islam is the CEO of Axilweb, and affectionately known as The Doctor because of his innate ability to fix anything. He leads a dedicated team of skilled quacks by showing them the difference between being a boss and being a leader. He has a keen understanding of human-website interactions and behaviors which makes him the go-to guy for all our UX related queries. Over the years he’s inspired several members of his community to become a fellow designer. He’s also the reigning champion of FIFA at office.

Syed Tahmim Islam at Axilweb


  • Lead team of highly skilled individuals
  • Takes awesome strategic decisions
  • Develop and lead Axilweb’s short and long term goals

Syed Tahmim Islam working at Axilweb