Md. Shajed E Islam

Chief Operating Officer

He’s the COO of Axilweb and he is responsible for managing stuff. He has been involved in IT for the last 18 years.


Shajed E Islam is the COO of Axilweb and a former certified ‘gangsta’. He knows how to get things done, not through intimation, but rather with love! A polished resume filled to the brim with accomplishments, Shajed is the guy whom we go to when we get stuck. He’s quite skilled at front-end development, UI/UX lead, aptly skilled at everyday business operations and maintaining superb customer experience. For your information, his gangsta name was Mr. Rose 🌹

Md. Shajed E Islam at Axilweb


  • Spearhead strategies to steer the firm at the right direction
  • Improve company’s operating capabilities
  • Overlook key business areas

Md. Shajed E Islam working at Axilweb